Hi All,

There’s a new post on the IGDA Board Blog and it’s the one to announce the call for nominations for this year’s elections. You can read it here: http://igdaboard.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/igda-board-nominations-open-changes-to-the-board-nomination-process/

They’ve announced several changes to the process, many of which have been a long time coming (I’ve been on the voter guidance task force and we pushed for some of these things years ago. :>) )

Overall, I think these are solid changes that will help the org move in a good direction. Especially since, though we’ve had our share of excellent board members, there have been a handful of people who, once elected, seemed surprised at the amount of time and effort required to do their jobs properly. Frankly, when you are legally responsible for the financial, legal, operational, etc. oversight for a large non-profit professional association you would think you’d expect to put some time and effort (and money, or access to connections who have money, etc, unless your main contribution is all your time and effort). The new changes should help weed out the people who aren’t able to contribute an appropriate amount of time and brain space to the goals of the IGDA.

The one thing I am most curious about after reading the post is what kind of criteria the nomination committee will use to determine which candidates to put forward and how they developed those criteria. I will say that, having known some of the “nom comm” for years, I have complete faith that it should all work out in the end – it would just be nice to know a little more about their thought process.

Anyway, I’m happy to hear the news and am looking forward to the next round of nominations.

Stay awesome,