Hi All,

This past March thousands of game developers gathered in San Francisco, California to attend Game Developer’s Conference. As per usual, there were lots of networking events, educational lectures, and parties.

I was brought in at the last minute to help the IGDA execute the org’s activities at the event and more than a dozen friends and colleagues jumped on board the “Sheri Crazy Train” to help me cram over six months of planning/work into less than thirty days. I’d like to take a moment to thank the incredible, dedicated, and talented IGDA volunteers for helping make the impossible possible.

They were:
Alex Springer
Andrew Leaf
Ashley Zeldin (Co-planning committee member)
Brandii Grace
Brett Rubin
Brian Robbins
Cat Wendt
Diann Furfaro
Dustin Clingman (Co-planning committee member)
Ed Furstenau
Heather Decker-Davis
James Baldwin (Co-planning committee member)
Kate Edwards
Penelope Dolin (Co-planning committee member)
Susan Gold
The Local No. 12 crew – Eric, Colleen, and John
Tobi Saulnier
Tonette Smith

I also want to recognize the SIG, Chapter, Committee, and IGDA Foundation leaders who pitched in during the last minute rush to schedule and organize all their meetings. Thanks to all of you!

Additionally, a big huge thank you to everyone who helped the planning committee and I – you made IGDA at GDC possible. Thanks also to Meggan Scavio and the rest of the amazing staff at UBM TechWeb Game Group who pulled off yet another fantastic GDC this year! They are great partners to the IGDA and we deeply appreciate all they do for us.

Thanks again all – you know I love you!