Hi All,

Time for an update here to go over all the IGDA goodness I’ve been working on over the last few months.

Scholars Program: I’m very happy to be a part of the Scholars committee as it’s something that goes right to the core of some things that I’m passionate: helping students get better prepared for entering the industry and mentoring!

This year we had a fabulous program showing at GDC and now we’ve recently completed a great event week at E3 and our preparing for Scholar events at IGDA Summit/Casual Connect, GDC Europe, CEDEC, and Tokyo Game Show (TGS). This committee is growing a bit but by and large I think that this year is running smoothly and will only get better as we continue to iterate and improve the entire program.

Membership Committee: I continue to serve in my role on the Membership Committee as one of my two main focuses as a Board Member that I signed up for at the May offsite. We continue to regularly ship Membership Cards out around the world on a monthly basis and I’m working with the staff to see if we can ship them out twice a month to get cards in to your hands faster. (Lifetime Members don’t fret – we’re working on trying to get you set up with special cards but you’re a smaller number so we have to make sure this is done right and with the right vendor.)

I’ve also been working with the MarComm committee (see below) to help update and edit many membership related documents and to create/edit some emails we plan to send to first time (maybe even long ago expired) members to guide them through their first year of the IGDA and explore all the benefits they can take advantage of. To do this though we need to get some database issues fixed and the staff is narrowing in on a new solution that should really help us out there.

SIGs and Chapters: I’m very excited to be working with Luke Dicken on the SIGs and Chapters Committee as the second of the two focus areas I signed up for on the board offsite. We’re really working on building out some basic structure and support for those two groups that’s been lacking and I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish since we both have experience being SIG and Chapter leaders ourselves.

Marketing and Communications Committee: This growing committee is moving full steam ahead! We continue to help the org in creating many of its social media blasts, updating web pages, creating new documents and content, helping create and distribute press releases, and so much more! With the new website coming we’re preparing to take on some very large projects but I know the team can do it. You may not always see some of the stuff we’re working on (style guides for example) but hopefully it’ll show as this org starts to pull together a cohesive look, feel, and messaging.

There’s a whole bunch more stuff I’m working on but I wanted to get this update out to you all sooner rather than later. If there’s any IGDA stuff you have questions on or if you want to help please don’t hesitate to contact me at sheri@igda.org!

Stay awesome!